Northern nursing

Northern nursing services

We recruit and maintain a registry of nurses and healthcare providers for Quebec’s northern communities. With expertise in the Extended Role, our staff are fully qualified in remote nursing practices and are
sensitized and adapted to the special environments and culture of remote and rural communities of the Great North. We are attentive to the living and working conditions of people living in remote areas, with expertise in
conducting evaluations and assessments within the Aboriginal community in particular. Our professionals have an essential understanding of important socio-economic and community characteristics and values unique to Indigenous

Through our understanding of the unique needs of this historically under-served population, young and old, we were able to fill several contracts, making a critical difference in their health and well-being.


Northern Nursing Team

  • Clinic Nurses
  • Community Health Nurses
  • Home Care Nurses
  • General Duty Nurses in many fields, including:
    • Emergency and ICU
    • Pediatricsl
    • Medical
    • Obstetrics and gynecology
    • Hemodialysis and other specialties
  • Radiology Technicians
  • Laboratory Technicians

Professional training, partnerships and Liaison

We work closely with health and community organizations located in Northern Quebec,
including hospitals and health clinics, CLSCs, home care and community health organizations.

Furthermore, we give training in the Extended Role, with a duration of 140 hours, to better prepare our qualified employees to the challenges presented by contracts in the north of Quebec.

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